Alana & Tyson | Private Home - Sonoma, CA

Weddings at private homes are kind of a double whammy. They can be some of the most logistically complex events to plan, since homes are not typically built with weddings in mind. Elements that you might not think about - like lighting, power, septic system capacity (gross I know, but SO important!), road width, or grumpy neighbors - all need to be taken into consideration and planned for. But executed successfully, a wedding at a private home can be so special. Remember Father of the Bride, the Steve Martin movie? How cool would it be to get married at your childhood home?

Alana and Tyson were fortunate enough to have a close family friend offer up their amazing Sonoma home as the venue for their wedding. This's pretty much what I dream of when I think about what my make-believe wine country vacation home would be like. Situated at the base of a hill, surrounded by oak and olive trees - it's secluded and peaceful. The house itself, a white ranch with great lines and a fabulous deck overlooking a pool and garden - was perfect for an al fresco September wedding, complete with a sparkler dance party at the end of the night. 

Catering: Wild Thyme
Andi Hatch
Wedding Coordination: Ruby & Rose